I did buy a newspaper last Saturday but only now am I getting round to reading it fully and seeing if there is anything useful in there. Today is an ideal day as my car has gone in for servicing. Tiga Trading do give me a loan car but didn't want to be driving that around very much, I will probably have to put some petrol in to it anyway, although the instructions are to take it off the service bill anyway.

The Cyprus Today. Main headline " Councils Sign Up To Turkey Water" But then not all of them did because they reckoned that 2.50 TL per ton was too expensive. 2.50 TL is what a lot of us pay per ton right now, but trey forget to say that the water quality is crap, full of bits which bung up the pipes and taps and tastes, very often, quite foul. OK so Lapta Municipality say they will have to charge 5 TL per ton. which with tax is double what we now pay, but two people living in a house such as Joan and I rarely use more than 4 tons a month so a total cost in UK terms of around £4.85 doesn't seem a lot to us, but then to the locals I suppose it is based on minimum wage rates, quite expensive. Other large councils, such as Lefkosa and Girne are still arguing about it and have not accepted the proposed rate.

Come on in, the waters lovely. 28 of our beaches have been given a clean bill of health but these results were immediately pooh-poohed by biologists as "impossible" So it all seems to be down to how and when these tests were done, if we don't get any tummy upsets then I guess they were right.

The British Sovereign Base has been storing over 400 vehicles in a compound since 1974. In 1991 there was a fire in this compound so you can imagine what a state these are now in, mostly just rusting hulks The photos make interesting viwing so take a look at http://www.sbaadministration.org/index.php/abandoned-vehicles if you need a bit of a laugh, you might fancy trying to put in a claim for a "doer upper" if you fancy the challenge. I feel sure that the SBA would be glad to see the back of as many as possible.

Here we go again with the friendly lets get together acts. Turkish Airlines is one of the sponsors at Euro 2016 and has been for the many years that the tournement has been running. As of today CyBC the Greek Cypriot TV channel has blocked all these adverts, but this may turn out to be a bit of an own goal. Even Athens, in the shape of the Greek government are saying the CyBC could face paying millions of Euros in damages. Oops !! They also claim that parts of Ercan airport are built on land owned by Greek Cypriots, pre 1974, and that it is not Internationally recognised. They do however omit to mention that great slices of Larnaca airport is built on land owned by Turkish Cypriots. This from a country that claims to want a peaceful reunification.

Do you recall me saying last week that an English lady had died, after a car accident at a Lapta junction. Well the husband has appeared in court accused of causing her death as a result of negligence and lack of caution. He has been bailed at a cost of 5,000 TL and banned from travelling abroad. So clearly the authorities have his passport now. Now we know this junction very well, use it every day and confirm that a great deal of caution is needed, because cars park in a run off area, blocking your view and because people have just come through a speed camera, advising 50 K, they then overtake everything at great speed and it is almost impossible to see them coming. I would question a 26 year old, driving a poerful BMW, in case that is exactly what he was doing.

Interesting week for you coming up in UK, which way will you all vote, IN or OUT, I know what I would do because I don't believe that there is a UK politician who has the guts to renegotiate a decent deal for Great Britain, if we were to stay in. But then that is only my personal opinion, lets get out and fight our own battles.

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