More news about the possible Federation of Cyprus, bringing the Greek South together with the Turkish North. According to our president, Mr Akinci, it is now or never. Well here is a good example about the goodwill that exists between the two sides. In the South there has been a huge fire burning in the Troodos since Sunday afternoon when somebody tried stuble burning. Now it is just as hot and humid over there as it is here, so guess what, the fire spread and it is believed that some 5 sq kilometers of forestry is burning and one fire truck turned over in a ravine killing two fire fighters.

The fire was raging for 5 days and help in the shape of specialist fire fighting aircraft came from Greece, Israel, Britain, France and Italy. Help was offered by the TRNC but turned down, then Turkey offfered helicopters but were told they would only be accepted if they used either Larnaca or Paphos airports and providing they collected water from the sea on the South side of the island.

This is an island covered with many pine forests, inhabited by Turks and Greeks alike, yet when a serious fire starts we have to ge invlved in political posturing at a time like this. Heaven help us for the furure.

This evening the gang of us went back to The Green Palace, a restaurant we have not been to for some time now. It has not changed, the steaks and T bones are great, the price is still good so once again a very enjoyable evening.



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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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