78 years ago today I was born in a Liverpool hospital, don't remember the occasion but I am told it is true. So what did I do with my birthday. Firstly I spent time in the Rose Garden gym this morning and then at 3.30 this afternoon, time with Dr Levent my Cardiologist. He is still suggesting a possible angiogram but wants to see how the medication changes pan out. Anyway he is away on holiday in a couple of days until 15th July, so wants to see me again on his return. 

This evening Joan and I went to The Calimari Restaurant here on the Lapta seafront. They specialise in seafood so I took advantage and had a lovely big piece of a deep water fish, which was extreemly tasty. Sold by the weight and grilled to perfection, Joan had a fillet of white fish covered in a mushroom and cream sausc and of course we washed the whole down with a bottle of white wine.June 27th at Calamari restaurant 1

What a lovely setting for a birthday dinner, after the last week it was just what we needed, together enjoying the sort of thing we came out here for. Joan must have given Yusev, the maitre'd a hint about why we were there, because they came out with a birthday cake shaped out of the Turkish Cypriot traditional rice pudding with a single candle in it. June 27th at Calamari No 2

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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