This morning I met Shane down at Turk Bank so that he could get the month end statements on the church accounts, he kind of hopes that by next month end he will have the signature rights and won't need me, I hope so too as we will not be here. Afterwards, Shane came back to our villa, as now we have the 2015 audit passed we need to make sure that balances were transferred correctly prior to his take over. 

We finally agreed that we need, Damla the auditor to work with us as she has adjusted some figures and it sort of throws things out. Unfortunately we now have a 9 day Bayram holiday starting Friday night, so will have to delay things for a week.

This 9 day Bayram holiday comes at the end of the Ramadam period and is agreed to give the "over worked" civil  servants a much needed break. One thing is certain, the sales of coffee beans will go down in this oeriod.

This evening, together with the Lapta gang we all went out to the Chinese restaurant which recently opened and had a fantastic meal. We even got chopsticks and rice bowls so that we could do it in proper style. Since these two moved from their take away place to this new restaurant, they seem to be doing very well. Long may it last because although we have many Indian style restaurants in the area, this is the one and only good Chinese.



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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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