Newspaper day again and of course the paper is full of news of the atrocity that occured in Ataturk Airport , Istanbul. It seems that the customs officer that shot and wounded one of the terrorists, bringing him down, was educated here on the island at GAU university. I find it very difficult to understand the mentality of men and women who wil deliberately give up their own lives by strapping themselves in explosives, just to kill and maim as many as possible in the name of religion. 

The biggest problem with all these attacks in Turkey is the effect it is having on tourism as people are getting afraid to travel this way as they fear that they may get caught up in a similar attack. But I suppose that is exactly what the perpetrators are wanting. Maybe qwe are lucky here but this island remains peaceful because there is nothing to be acheived by attacking us here.

Having said we are peacful here, I read a report about some TC youths being chased and attacked leaving Ayia Napa early in the morning. There have been attacks on Turkish Cypriot registered cars, usually by members of an ultra nationalistic party who will never accaept any reconciliation. Police are of course investigating to try to identify those responsible, but don't hold your breath.

Finally we are getting water out of taps from the undersea pipeline. At the moment it is restricted to places that are in an acute situation such as Gazi Magusa and Iskele. These are areas who are very short and have been having supplies cut off for 10 to 15 days at a tme. This area has yet to be connected up as elctricity has yet to be connected to all the pumping stations. Those receiving this water say that it is of a very high quality and consumable out of the tap. This is brilliant news and lets hope we get switched on soon.

Here is one for the book. Girne have put up signs asking people to keep the town clean. Currently the fine for littering is set at 50TL (£12.50) which is not much of a deterent and some of the really lovely tourism areas are being spoilt by this deliberate littering. It seems to be a thankless task as it is in their nature just to throw away what they don't want, there are no recycling rules or laws here and actually no way to recycle. Lots of things need to change before they will clean up the island.

Another piece of news that I heard today when discussing the incredible number of new cars you see on the road. Apparantly it is an easy credit situation for locals which has created this situation. Talking to a friend we learnt of one lady, who only works as a cashier and who is driving around in a new Mercedes. When questioned, she said that she had traded in her old car and borrowed 60,000 TL (£ 20k) because she felt it was important to be seen driving a Mercedes for the image !!! Another one was about a UK friend of ours, driving home up the mountain road in her 9 year old Peugeot, through some very sharp bends, when her car slid on what turned out to be a water patch on what are now very dry roads, she admits her fault as she drives this road daily. Unfortunately she hit a brand new car coming down the hill, not serious stuff, but caused the owner to rant and rave. She did what you have to do here, leave the cars standing and call police. When the police arrived and did standard document checks, it seems that the new car was not insured so the owner now incurs a 1,500 TL fine and has to pay all his own repair costs, our friend will get her repair paid by her fully comp insurance. Who said it was all about image with these people ?


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