"Attacks on TC cabbies surge" says the sensation seeking headline in today's newspaper. We had occasion to speak to one friend who owns a cab company and he says nonsense, journalistic hype all over again. According to our friend he knows of only one TC taxi driver who got shouted at whilst at Larnaca airport. This is newspaper hype that tries to make things much worse than actuality. Why do they do it?

What is more important, Anatolia Sky, the holiday firm specialising in Turkey and Northern Cyprus has folded after 26 years trading. When you hear things like that you realise what effect ISIS is really having around the world. If you destroy tourism in TRNC you might as well close us dow. The hotels and restaurants, of which there are many are very dependant of tourists who now seem to be afraid to come here, but yet we feel quite secure here and see very little, but hear of lots of problems. I should imagine that the recent attack on Ataturk Airport has lots to do with peoples attitude.

They are at it again. During the Bayram week, which is a holiday period following Ramadan there was one road death and 11 injured. One of the serious smashes was here in Lapta on the main road when a 20 year old veered across the road and collided head on with another car., the paer says he lost control !!!!!!! Another incident was an 18 year old "lost control" on a bend and the car overturned, injuring him and his two passengers. Will they ever teach proper car control and keep drumming in to people that speed kills.

Apparantly our PM said that the GC demand for the return of Guzelyurt in any settlement shows that they don't really want a settlement. Now I think we could have already told him that. It seems, according to Stephen Day, that if a solution to the joining together of TCs with GCs does not reach agreement before the South Cyprus Presidential elections, the talks process could be "prolonged". What is prolonged, 40 years should be prolonged enough we think.

Fun and games in the UK at PM level and any future cabinet. It's fun to watch from far off but one has to wonder if any of them have the courage to force the Brexit vote through.




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