Well what can we say about what has happened in Turkey and Erdugan is blaming all sorts of people but certainly not thinking that it might be his own policies and lust for complete power that has caused people to think and act like this. An overall terrible business with many dead and grieving, certainly not a nice place to be at this time. The worst effect that it has is the damage tourism something which this island so deserately needs. If we look around the restaurants at this time, they are sadly lacking in custom and some are talking of staying open into the winter season to maintain some sort of cashflow.

I guess I will just let the world news say what they must and leave you to draw your own conclusions, but I am happy to say that this island in the sun remains firmly open and we are experiencing no trouble at all from the mainland either Turkey or it's neighbours. Long may it remain that way and lets hope that our Tourisma minister can find ways to boost business.

Speaking of tourism. One hotel group was give planning permission to build a 4 storey hotel in Karaoglanoglou on the site of an extinct olive oil factory. But guess what they seem to have ignored the regulations and are already up to 6 storeys with more planned. Well now the site has been closed down which in the old days would not have happened, the problem would have been solved with a couple of brown envelopes.

At the same time here in Lapta, Rosy's Place has been closed down. There was a public access from the road via some steps to the beach. Beaches are supposed to be useable "free of charge" but the renting out of sunloungers, umbrellas etc is allowed. It seems that the steps and the slope to the beach had been demolished and a wire fence errected across the top, forcing people to go through the restaurant to gain access to the beach. Not allowed so now prosecution is pending and the restaurant is currently closed.

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about the arrests of doctors, nurses and other staff from the Women's Health and Birth Centre for illegal abortions. Well tests have revealed that a baby girl, aborted at 34 weeks may have been breathing and alive. A patient Consultant has told the court how she was handed the foetos in a black plastic bin bag and had gone with a driver to bury the foetus in Karakum, near the site where the newly closed down hotel construction was taking place. The driver also testified that he had carried out foetal burials because he was paid extra to do so. The sum of 200-300TL per internment was mentioned. The whole matter is far from over but whatever the outcome it is completly barbaric and those guilty should be given very long sentences and far stricter control introduced in hospitals.

Something entirely different. Joan and I were woken by a cat fight at around 4 a.m, we both shot out of bed, hoping that nobody would be shining lights on us at that time of the morning, but could neither see or hear anything more. Unfortunately our Smudge did not come in for her breakfast this morning, Eventually we found her on the ravine side of the fence at around 12.30. We managed to persuade her with the aid of treats to come back into our garden and took her down to see the vet. He checked her over and pronounced that she had an infection and gave her 2 injections, with a request to bring her back Monday and again Wednesday. We explained to him that she had been shot before we left France and that there were still probably lead pellets in her leg, which is why she is forever biting at her paw, maybe they are working their way out.

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