Now we are in Holland and as usual playing catch up. At least i brought last Saturday's newspaper with me so that I could give some idea of what is in there.

There is a frontpage picture of some big cracks appearing along the top wall of the new reservoir. Experts on the job say that these are only settlement cracks and nothing to worry about, but the people who live in the village below are concerned about the fact that 75 million tons of water is being pumped in annually and they live just below all this water. The reservoir was built with the aid of a Turkish company with yeaars of expertise in developments such as this, so guess they knew what they were doing.

You know that in the past I have commented on the picnic araea around the TRNC and the terrible mess that people leave after the weekends. Well now the Forestry Commision, who are responsible, have come up with a scheme to lease out these sites for development as places for people to enjoy and they would of course be responsible for maintenance. The Forestry Dept say that they have 11 of these sites and because people are just stubborn and do not clean up after themselves, they do not have the manpower to do it. These sort of places are essential because of the amount of high rise living here, but I would have thought some education and promotion in keeping the island clean and tidy, to attract tourism would have been a small help.

A lot has been written about thee recent events in Turkey, so you must be very aware of all that is happening, here we still feel quite remote from it all but the disasterous effect on Tourism is really being felt. Many would be visitors are very concerned about having to change flights at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and for this reason are cancelling holidays. Joan and I came out via the Pegasus airline which flies via the second Istanbul airport, but we commented on the fact that our flight out of TRNC was less than half full and this flight was going on to Stanstead in UK.



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