Norman's last day in Holland todayso of course it started off with rain in the morning, however it did clear up with a mixture of cloud and sun around 11 am. Norman wanted to get some local products to take home so he and I walked the dyke path to Jumbo.  Stitch decided that as he had been out twice already today, the best thing for him was to curl up on his  favourite cushion.

31st July 2016 2

Guess he must have been sleeping quite tightly as he completely missed mother coot and her baby swimming past. 

31st July 2016 3

It is 1 year today since Samantha and Tim tied the knot with a legal agreement, so we were invited around late afternoon to help them celebrate. Arie collected us and Tim's parents were there as well. Afterwards the four of us went to the waterside restaurant, the one with the lovely blonde, and enjoyed a great meal together. Joan had the lamb ribs that I had had earlier in the week whilst Arie and I enjoyed mussels in a special lightly spiced sauce. If I remember rightly Norman had salmon and tuna wraps and we all felt that the food was worth every euros we paid. The owner of this restaurant is getting married early in September and Arie has the contract as the wedding photographer. A lovely setting and maybe I will get some pics from him.

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