Interesting day for Norman. Arie picked he and I up at 11.30 to take us to Schipol, just a drop off as his flight with Flybe, to Southampton, was due out at 14.15. This was the day when it didn't stop raining at all so Joan and I took it in turns to walk Stitch in the rain and he doesn't like the rain either, but enjoys the rub down afterwards. Eventually when we had decided that it was an evening in with the TV and a call to the Chinese Takeaway in the village for dinner, my phone rang at It was Norman, I said you must have got home early, he said no I haven't I am still at Schipol. It seems that the technical people had replaced one wheel but now discovered that the VHF radio was not working. The original crew transferred to a flight that came in and brought a replacement radio. Once the Techies had done there work Norman and 17 remaing passengers took off at 10 pm. A long day to be sitting around Schipol airport.

We did hear later that he had done OK out of the deal. He originally paid £100 return for his flights and they sent him a £150 voucher for travel to be taken within the next 18 months. I suppose you could call that a good result in the end.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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