Joan and I were up early this morng as Kitty had called us yesterday to say they were leaving Italy at around 7 pm and expected the drive to take about 12 hours. Well they actually got home around 7.30 am and after Stitch had got over his big surprise reunion we helped with the off loading and then went down to the village to see the big damage that we had heard about. In the square, near Jumbo supermarket there are a couple of other businesses. One of these is the Post Office, book store and souvenir shop. In the wall of this shop, ABN Amro bank have a "Hole-in-the Wall" machine. Well it seems that there was a huge bang at about 5 am which blew out the wall and opened up the machine. Lots of damage and we no not how much money is missing.

13th August 2016 2


Suppose it will be the talk of the town for a little while yet. Jusy across the square is a branch of Rabo Bank, but their machine is built into a brick wall and all their glass is security glass. The bang must have been a big one because all the safety glass is cracked, but I guess the guys took the easy one.

As we had borrowed the car, Joan and I drove over to Aphen to go to Media Markt, to but a new Phillips Senseo coffee macine to bring back with us, our old one had been giving a little trouble so guessed that it was time we changed it. 

When we got back to TRNC we were able to get hold of a 1 week old Cyprus Today, so here's a quick look at some tit bits in there.

There is still a lot of shouting going on about the cost per ton of water that is being pumped over from Turkey. The problem comes from each municipality being allowed to charge it's own water rate per ton. Also there are some exceptionally high charges to install new water meters. Our municipality installed the new meters fee of charge, but we have heard the some are trying to charge over TL 2,000. We pay 3.5 TL/ton but Iskele want to charge 6.03 TL/ton. Guess i's time for a centralised water authority and fixed charges.

There at it again on the roads. A 56 year old "lost control" and hit a tree and died later in hospital. A 1 year old has a broken leg and others were injured because a driver was overtaking on a blind bend and drove head on into another vehicle. A 63 year old lorry driver lost control at speed and overturned his lorry on a bend. Two policemen were injured when a pick up truck rammed the back of their police vehicle which was parked at the scene of an accident. A lorry spilt part of it'd load of cream in Lefkosa, during rush hour, two cars collided and another spun off the road before the mess was cleared up. They are still amongst us so take care out there. Go to You Tube and watch a very funney video entitled "Driving in Cyprus"

Nothing has yet been done about the noise that occurs around discos and hotels until 3.30 am There is now a petition being set up and many have already signed up, but will the government take notice I ask, or are the taxes from these places too juicy to risk losing and I didn't even mention brown envelopes. Must be horrendous if you live near one of these places.

Still they are talking but still there are huge differences between the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots. I have not heard of anybody talking about property issues. A survey has shown that the TCs are most concerned about the economy. Turkey has jumped down the throat of the Greek Foreign Minister for saying that July's attempted military ooup, showed the need for the Turkish Army to leave Cyprus. The Greek Cypriots say the army must leave immediately and all Turks return to their homeland if they agree to a settlement, can't see that working. The army act as a police force and it is the Turkish mainlanders who do the work. TCs are not normally prepared to get their hands dirty, all they want is a government job and a full pension at 45.






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