Medical help here is always an issue and of course one we need to pay for which is always an issue that makes us think, are we being penalised as ex pats. Joan and I have always been loyal to The Kyrenia Medical Centre (Kaminoglou Hastenesi) and we have both felt that we have had very good treatment there and at sensible prices. Recently I have been attending there to see Dr Levent Soyer, a Cardiologist, he has done extensive checks and tests but feels that I need an Angiogram which uses a very expensive piece of equipment that they do not have. Dr Levent is however associated with the Near East Hospital, that does have this equipment but quotes excessive prices. He told me that the angiogram itself would be £1,000 and should I require stents to be inserted, these would cost £4,000 each. This I felt to be excessive so looked around for alternatives. I received a quote from the Guven hospital in Ankara for $3,000 inclusive of pick up from airport for both of us, overnight stay for both of us my angigram and an assumption that I would need only 1 stent. This translates to only £2,250 plus of course two airfares to Ankara.

Yesterday I visited the Kolan British Hospital (used to be called Medikent Hospital) in Lefkosa, where I had my original amgiogram and stent fitted in 2009 and a subsequent angio check up in 2014. The cardiologist there examined my files of info, confirmed that in his opinion I need to have an angiogram as there is some reason for the chest pains, identified on the stress test report, but can not be defined without a more detailled examination. He quoted that the test and an assumpition of 1 stent required the cost would be 10,000 TL (£2,600) so again a favourable price. Added to which the job can be done on Monday 19th September.

Now the problem I have is, I have developed a great deal of faith in Dr Levent and really would prefer that he carried out the job so now I have to go back to him and query his costings. Did he really mean 4,000 TL per stent and not £4,000, that is tomorrows job. Since discussing this I happened to speak to Joanne in Turk Bank as need to transfer some money into our current account to meet these costs and she told me her mother always sees Dr Levent, but always goes to the State Hospital. Now this means a huge difference in costs so need to further discuss this with him.

Whatever, I need this done before we go to SA on October 1st and there is a 9 day Turkish Byram holiday starting this coming Saturday, throwing a small spanner in the works, so now it is back to "watch this space" for the final result.

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